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1、 Cargo handling

In the process of goods and materials handling in factories, warehouses and workshops, not to mention that the highly human resource costs of developed countries such as Europe, the United States and Japan, it is said that the population dividend of our country disappears and the labor cost has also increased in recent years. Therefore, AGV is more popular and applied in all walks of life. According to statistics, as of October 2018, there are about 20000 different types of AGVs operating in 2100 large and small warehouses around the world.

2、 Flow operation in production line

Traditional production lines generally consist of continuous rigid transmission equipment, ranging from several meters to several kilometers, such as automobile assembly lines. Since the emergence of AGV trolleys, this pattern has been completely changed. It is not only used as an automated guided vehicle, but also as a mobile assembly station. They can work independently and freely, and can be combined accurately and orderly. Although there is no physical partition, it can play an adjustment role, which is totally comparable to the previous dynamic and highly flexible production line. The cost is falling a lot, so that enterprises can invest more in product research and development.

3、 Special application scenarios

Unmanned automatic processing solves some special environmental problems that are not suitable for persons, mainly in some dangerous industries, such as nuclear materials, dangerous goods (pesticides, toxic substances, corrosive materials, biological products, flammable and explosive materials) . In nuclear power plants and places for storing nuclear radiation, AGVs are used to transport goods to avoid dangerous radiation. There are also industries with high intensity and safety requirements. In steel plants, AGVs are used to transport furnace materials to reduce the labor intensity of workers. Another is the unsuitable role of human beings, such as working in a dark environment. A typical example is that AGV can provide materials and semi-finished products in dark environment, which is beyond the reach of human beings.





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